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Murau is marked by an over 700 years old history. Numerous museums turn Murau today into a cultural, cultivated and idyllic vacation resort. Additionally, Murau targets skiers and snowboarders in winter and bikers in summer. The comprehensive possibilities for freetime activities is completed by two golfcourses and the beautiful variety of wandering routes. Furthermore there is an indoor swimming pool and an open air bath in Murau.

With the major regional exhibition "time for timber" in 1995 a foundation stone for the enormous economic importance of timber in styria was laid.

As shopping city Murau has still regional importance. The inner city stands vor pleasurable rambling through small shops with high quality standards.



Fam. Josef Leitner, Hugo-Wolf-Gasse 2, A-8850 Murau


Tel.: +43 664 1733379
or +43 3532 2372


E-Mail: gh.leitner@aon.at